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Contentstack achieves 0% development downtime

Design Gaps Remediated

Resources Monitored



Multi-cloud and SOC2

Contentstack deploys in a multi-cloud environment, requiring many resources over multiple instances.

Following cloud security posture best practices from cloud service providers (CSPs) is challenging. Contentstack needed to maintain SOC2 compliance and mitigate security and compliance vulnerabilities.

Speed and Security with oak9

  • Contentstack achieved 0% development downtime
  • Using AWS Lambda and DynamoDB, running as many validations as possible concurrently
  • Compliance and security with limited resources doesn’t impact dev workflows
  • “Security has never been this easy


Azure Account

Lines of Terraform


Contentstack is a customer experience platform that strives to redefine how content is created, managed, and published in an enterprise environment. Contenstack is the pioneer in API-first, headless CMS technology with 201-500 employees, and homebase in California.

Cloud Native Security Uniquely Delivered as-Code

  • Contentstack leverages oak9’s Security as Code best practices and SOC2 blueprints
  • oak9 dynamically analyzes Contentstack’s Terraform
  • oak9 leverages AWS Lambda and Azure Automation
  • Run as many validations as possible, concurrently
  • Engineers review and remediate design gaps through pull requests (code fixes)
  • Learning why a risk was identified, and choose to pass/fail in Github or Jenkins pipeline


oak9 secures cloud native infrastructure for developers. Like the strength and resilience of an oak tree, oak9 removes the complexity of cloud native security to bring our customers to the state of cloud 9, blissful happiness.

oak9 is a Built In 2022 Start-up to Watch and Top 11 Fastest Growing Company in Chicago. oak9 also ranks as number 36 in the top 100 Best Places to Work in Chicago.

oak9 is backed by Menlo Ventures, HPA, Cisco Investments, and Morgan Stanley. oak9 is a partner to AWS, Azure, HITRUST, and HashiCorp, natively supporting Terraform. Keep in touch with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and Youtube.