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Dynamically assess and fix security across your entire cloud application architecture.

Dynamic Automation to Risk-Appropriately Secure Your Cloud

oak9 gives you real-time visibility into cloud architectures across the software development lifecycle. oak9 assesses cloud architectures against Security as Code blueprints and automatically addresses security gaps natively in developer workflows, as changes are made across your cloud applications.

Build Once and Enforce Security Consistently

Secure-by-design workloads ensure all cloud applications adhere to the security policies of your organization

Multi-Cloud, Tool Agnostic


IaC Translation Engine

Open-Source Security as Code

Cloud Architecture Lens

Intelligent Remediation

End-to-End Automated Workflows Across the SDLC

Natively embed into developer workflows throughout the entire development lifecycle. Ensure software engineering teams abide by security requirements while using their tools of choice.

Scale Cloud Native Security and Speed to Compliance

Cloud agnostic. Leverage out-of-the-box Security blueprints, or build your own, and quickly reuse across multi-cloud deployments. Understand the percent-to-compliance each workload is achieving and more.

Security Reference Architectures Delivered as-Code

Context matters. Resources and microservices your development teams are deploying are assessed at the point of change, in context to the entire cloud application.

Get Rid of False Positives and Management of Static Policies
See why developers and security teams love oak9.

Start for Free

Start Security Left, Then Shift Right

Use Case

Automated Security Design Validation

Rapidly prototype and validate your security design as developers make changes to cloud native architecture.

Use Case

Securing Multi-Cloud Architectures

Build once and enforce. Apply security consistently across all multi-cloud workloads and environments.

Use Case

Security Reference Architecture Lifecycle Management

Independent versioning lifecycles to build and manage security reference architectures as code.

Static Misconfiguration Checking is Not Enough

Reduce post-deployment fixes, false positives, and cumbersome management of policies from traditional CSPM tools and misconfiguration scanners. oak9 is designed to secure the complexity of cloud native today.

Reduce Attack Surface

2.4 Million
Design Gaps Remediated

1 Billion
Resources Monitored

Security Review Time Reduced

Go Custom with Tython SDK

Extend oak9 Security as Code blueprints in Tython SaC, an open-source Security as Code framework and SDK. Build custom security reference architectures as-code.

Adhere to the Most Up-to-Date Security Best Practices

oak9 abides by the highest security best practices and standards to keep your organization continuously secure. oak9 is SOC 2 certified, and an active member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), and more.

  • CIS Control v8
  • 23 NY CRR
  • ISO 27001
  • SOC2
  • FCA
  • GDPR
  • Azure Benchmarks
  • NIST 800-53 R4
  • NIST 800-53 R5
  • 1 TAC
  • 201 CMR 17
  • NRS 603A