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Build, Test, and Deploy Secure-by-Design Cloud Workloads

Not just another gate. Create, remediate, and enforce security, compliance, and governance policies automatically across all workloads, across all clouds, in real-time.

A Security Architect Natively Embedded into Your Development Lifecycle

Automatically validate application architectures and designs as they’re being built.

Cloud and IaC Agnostic

Scale security in complex heterogeneous cloud native environments

Open-Source Security as Code

Build additional security and compliance policies for custom use cases

Automated Design Validation

Detect, remediate, and fix security gaps with end-to-end workflows

Stop Managing Static Policies and False Positives

Define Security Architectures as-Code
Apply security holistically with all the benefits of code – version control, modular, extensible, and automation.

Bring Your Own Language (BYOL)
Remove vendor lock-in. Define security, compliance, and governance policies in your choice of programming language.

Secure the SDLC with End-to-End Workflows
Not only detect but fix. Automatically validate and remediate drift against intended security architecture design.

Open-Source SaC Framework and SDK
Innovate with community. Codify custom security reference architectures and design patterns as-code.

Publish, Version, and Test Locally
Gain deep visibility into cloud application architecture to rapidly prototype and assess security of your application.

Deliver Cloud Native Security at Scale
Help security teams scale and force multiply. Scale security consistently across multi-cloud environments.

Save $240,000 on Security Resources Immediately

We’ve done the math, now you can too. Save hundreds of thousands of dollars across DevOps and security with oak9.

Scale Security in the Most Complex Cloud Environments

Embed oak9’s Security as Code framework to tailor a security design for your cloud application based on its business and application needs.

Use Case

Lifecycle Management

Independent versioning to manage your security reference architectures.

Use Case

Multi-Cloud Environments

Ensure consistent security regardless of how you deploy and your tech stack.

Use Case

Security Design Validation

Validate your complete architecture and solve for complex remediation needs.

Leverage Open-Source

Extend oak9 Security as Code Blueprints in Tython

Build custom security reference architectures as-code in Tython, the first and only open-source Security as Code framework and SDK.

The oak9 Difference

Architectural Approach to Cloud Native Security

Architecture over configurations. oak9 is a centralized pane of glass to manage the security and compliance of every workload rather than having point-policies across the board.