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How oak9 IaC Security Works

Dynamic Security as Code Blueprints

Automatically assess and apply security requirements across your cloud native infrastructure with oak9. 

Minimize False Positives and Solve for Complex Remediation Use Cases 

Natively Integrate

oak9 seamlessly embeds into your software development lifecycle, from design to production, natively integrating with your favorite IaC language(s), cloud(s), tools, and tech stack.

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Automated Meta-Model

oak9 then builds a detailed meta-model of your entire cloud environment, providing deep security visibility to recommend architectural changes and easily translate them to IaC changes. Visualize both “current state” and “projected state”.

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Deliver Security as Code

oak9 Security as Code tailors a security design (blueprint) for your cloud infrastructure, intelligently understanding your application’s architecture and business context to comprehensively assess your application’s meta-model for technical security requirements.

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Implement Architectural Feedback

Whenever your cloud environment changes, oak9 automatically analyzes the environment’s meta-model against Security as Code blueprints, providing advanced remediation directly in your developer workflows to fix security gaps quickly, and reduce false positives.

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Developer-First, Automation-First Cloud Native Security

IaC Translation Engine

Leverage a rich view of your entire cloud environment. oak9’s IaC-agnostic Translation Engine converts your Infrastructure as Code into a detailed architectural meta-model and vice versa.

Intelligent Remediation

Understand security gaps found, associated risks, and exactly how to remediate via pull-requests. Even validate heterogeneous repositories with multiple IaC languages at the same time.

Drift Management

Measure drift across different stages of your development lifecycle and ensure any drift from your intended architectural design is immediately remediated through the pipeline.

Build + Test

Validate Your First Project in Under 5 Minutes

Step 01

Sign Up

Sign up for oak9 Community Edition, no credit card required.

Step 02


Select your security and compliance requirements.

Step 03


Decide how you want to integrate – through your cloud or CLI.

Address Broader Cloud Native Security

Go beyond static misconfiguration checking. Support heterogenous multi-cloud use cases and reduce the complexity of securing cloud native applications with oak9.

Help Security Teams Scale and Force Multiply

Start Left, Then Shift Security Right
Ensure security is completely baked in starting with architecture design, across every development lifecycle stage.

A Security Architect in Your Pocket
Automated security feedback and remediation embedded as you build, test, and deploy cloud workloads.

Scale Security, Reduce Complexity
Secure large heterogenous technology environments to quickly scale security and force multiply.

Public Repository

Test with oak9’s TerraOak

Take oak9 for a test drive! TerraOak is a vulnerable Infrastructure as Code repository with deployable resource configurations for learning.

Open-Source Security as Code

Contribute to the Open-Source Community

Meet Tython, the first Security as Code framework and SDK for building security reference architectures and design patterns as code. Your programming language, your IaC, your clouds.