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oak9 IaC Security Features

Develop fast and stay secure. From regulatory updates to a new security best practice from AWS, or a line of Terraform being updated, oak9 automatically understands and applies these changes across your infrastructure.

Developer-Loved Automation Drives Security and Compliance 

Security as Code

A catalog of pre-built Security as Code blueprints tailored in minutes automatically apply intelligent security for continuous compliance with security standards like HIPAA, HITRUST, NIST, SOC 2 and more. oak9 Security as Code understands your application architecture and business context.

IaC Translation Engine

Evaluate your entire architecture using an IaC-agnostic approach. Translation your IaC to a rich view of your entire application architecture and vice-versa. Even validate repositories with multiple IaC languages at the same time.

Intelligent Remediation

Remediate security gaps across your IaC codebase through tailored pull requests with detailed code fixes. Understand why a gap was identified, criticality, associated risk, and optionally auto-remediate natively in your code repositories and CI/CD tools.

Drift Management 

Automatically monitor for drift from the intended application design among environments (code repos, pipeline stages, and environments). Ensure your application architecture is secure-by-design at every phase in software development. 

Cloud Architecture Lens (Visual Designer) 

Deep visibility and access to your entire cloud native application architecture through an interactive graph. Comprehensively assess technical security requirements, drill down into specific resources, areas, and more. 

Multi-Cloud Support 

oak9’s cloud agnostic approach enables security teams to support large and complex heterogenous technology environments while empowering developers to choose their cloud service providers (CSP) and its feature/ capabilities. 

Native Integrations 

Vendor and tool agnostic security – use the tech stack you want. oak9 embeds into your existing developer workflows natively integrating with popular CSPs, IDEs, CI/CDs, code repositories, IaCs, Chat Ops tools and more.  

“By building oak9 security into our development process, our DevOps team can deploy new features, functionality, and applications faster and safer with fewer touch points among teams.”

Rudy Ristich, CISO

View More oak9 Platform Features 

Leverage the full power of oak9’s cloud native security platform when also using Tython open-source Security as Code.  

Save Hundreds of Hours on DevOps Related Work

Reduce False Positives

oak9 Security as Code validates the complete application architecture.

No Policy Management

Instead of static policies, focus on design and implement architectural changes.

Find and Fix Drift

Quickly fix when your deployed environments drift from the intended design.

Featured Success Story

Avant Saves Hundreds of Thousands on DevOps and Security

“By building oak9 security into our development process, our DevOps team can deploy new applications and functionality faster and safer with fewer touch points for both teams.”

Build + Test

Out-of-the-Box Support for Industry Standards and Regulatory Requirements 

  • CIS Control v8
  • 23 NY CRR
  • ISO 27001
  • SOC2
  • FCA
  • GDPR
  • Azure Benchmarks
  • NIST 800-53 R4
  • NIST 800-53 R5
  • 1 TAC
  • 201 CMR 17
  • NRS 603A

Tython: First Open-Source Security as Code Framework

The first and only Security as Code framework for building security reference architectures and design patterns as-code, in your choice of programming language!

Depth of Findings  

Go deep into your cloud architecture to identify gaps in security design. Instead of static “search and replace” on misconfigurations, analyze your application architecture dynamically with context. What hasn’t even been considered for your application to be secure?​ 

Speed to Compliance 

Save budget on security delivery and compliance. oak9’s catalog of pre-built Security as Code blueprints immediately aligns your cloud infrastructure to industry best practices and regulatory requirements with automated remediation and real-time reporting. 

Scale Cloud Native Security 

Dynamically assess cloud architecture in real-time to design, build, and deploy secure cloud native workloads that are scalable across the most complex multi-cloud environments. Force multiply security across your organization.