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From regulatory updates to a new security best practice from AWS, or a line of Terraform being updated – oak9 Security as Code automatically understands and applies these changes across your infrastructure for you.

Develop fast, stay secure.

Save 100+ hours of work per month

Develop Fast with Slim Security Resources

Security as Code analyzes application architecture, applying security dynamically as the application’s needs evolve. Feedback is tailored for the business need.

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Automate Security Across the Entire SDLC

oak9 reads Infrastructure as Code (e.g., Terraform) to understand what the ideal state should be, then monitors for drifts in security validations or design gaps. Even when changes are made directly into production.

To be clear, that’s not encouraged, but as you know…it happens.

Reduce Security Review Time by more than 50%

oak9 automatically monitors cloud providers for up-to-date Security as Code blueprints for supported resources.

No more updates on your static policies, or people to manage your policies. We do the leg work for you!

Cloud Native Architecture Made Easy

A 10,000 foot view into your cloud posture.

Drill down anywhere within your cloud native architecture to see relationships between resources and evaluate security configurations.

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Compliance Frameworks

NIST 800-53 R4 SOC 2 HIPAA v9.4 1 TAC SCIDSA
NIST 800-53 R5 CIS Control v8 PCI DSS v3.2.1 201 CMR 17 AWS FTR
NIST CF CSA CCM  FCA 23 NY CRR Azure Benchmarks
ISO 27001 HITRUST v8.0 GDPR NRS 603A Mitre ATT&CK