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IaC Security

The Security as Code Platform

Security as Code intelligently analyzes and remediates security and compliance design gaps as business and application context change, automatically.

DevOps and Security Work Smarter

Ensure infrastructure as code and dev workloads are secure by design, while giving security teams complete visibility into the changes dev teams are making day over day, sprint over sprint.

Dynamic security
Security as Code
Dynamically identify security and compliance gaps based on business and application context, applying security automatically.

Architecture Lens
Easily visualize design gaps. Provide read-only access to your existing clouds and see a real-time map of your cloud architecture.

Seamless integration
Seamless Integration
Github, Jenkins, BitBucket, ADO, and more, the choice is yours. Get alerted to security concerns on Slack or Teams.

One-click side by side remediation-1
One-Click Remediation
See side-by-side code recommendations and use a pull-request to resolve security design gaps with a single click.

Custom compliance-2
Dynamic Compliance
Save time and limit false positives. Answer five simple questions to tailor oak9's out-of-the-box security blueprints.

Timely risk identification
Timely Identification
Fix security design gaps across your entire cloud native infrastructure before deployment, saving you time and money.

Featured Success Story

Avant Cuts IaC Security Review Time by 50%

“By building oak9 security into our development process, our DevOps team can deploy new applications and functionality faster and safer with fewer touch points for both teams.”


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Misconfiguration Checker

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The oak9 Difference

oak9’s approach to cloud native security is fundamentally different from misconfiguration checking and CSPM vendors. Here are three big reasons why companies are making the switch.

01. Catching risks post-deployment is costly

The average security breach costs companies $3M (plus consumer trust). oak9 natively understands your Infrastructure as Code, intelligently capturing the ideal state and then monitoring and alerting of drift before deployment.

02. Managing exceptions is not sustainable

Every application has different security needs and battling false positives wastes time. You can now answer five simple questions that customize security and build it into your application design.

03. Keeping up with security best practices is time-consuming

You don’t have time to know how HIPAA has altered recent cloud architecture requirements; oak9 has already built it into our dynamic security blueprints.