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Secure Infrastructure as Code and deployed cloud workloads for automated security across your entire cloud architecture.
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Dynamically Secure Infrastructure as Code and Cloud Deployments 

Automatically analyze, remediate, and continuously monitor for security gaps in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and cloud deployments, in real-time. 

A Security Architect that Sits on Your Developers’ Shoulders 

Automatically validate cloud infrastructure as code is written. 

Cloud and IaC Agnostic

Scale security in complex heterogeneous cloud native environments

Application Context Aware

Address security gaps in context of the application and business needs

Advanced Remediation

Detect, remediate, and fix security gaps with automated workflows

Security as Code

Context Aware Security Delivered as-Code 

oak9’s Security as Code blueprints provide tailored guidance based on the application architecture and business context, minimizing false positives.

The oak9 Difference

Architecture Over Configurations 

Manage the security and compliance of every workload rather than having point-policies across the board with oak9’s architectural approach to security. 

Save $240,000 on Security Resources Immediately

We’ve done the math, now you can too. Save hundreds of thousands of dollars across DevOps and security with oak9.

Scale Security in the Most Complex Cloud Environments

Use Case

Multi-Cloud Support 

Apply security consistently across all CSP’s, multi-cloud workloads and environments. 

Use Case

Multi-IaC Validation 

Validate heterogeneous repositories with multiple IaCs at the same time. 

Use Case

Drift Management 

Detect drift from design to post-deployment with real-time developer code feedback. 

Stop Managing Static Policies and False Positives

Purpose-Built for Developer Ease of Use
Find, analyze, and apply fixes directly in your code repo. Use your favorite tools, languages, and workflows.

Start Security Left, Shift Right
oak9 goes the extra 30%. Embed, apply, and enforce security requirements when designing architecture.

Quickly Scale Security Requirements
Apply and scale security holistically across complex cloud environments and workloads.

Cloud and Vendor Agnostic
Support multi-cloud environments and your choice of CSPs, IaCs, CI/CDs, ChatOps and more.

Native Integrations Across the SDLC
Native integrations for security automation throughout your entire software development lifecycle.

Deep Architecture Visibility
Holistically assess your cloud infrastructure as it relates to your application’s entire architecture.

Success Story

Avant Saves Hundreds of Thousands on DevOps and Security with oak9

“By building oak9 security into our development process, our DevOps team can deploy new applications and functionality faster and safer with fewer touch points for both teams.”