Security built for
the Modern Development Lifecycle

Our DevOps native SaaS platform enables security teams to design secure application architectures as fast as developers can code.

Application architectures today are complex and continuously evolving. Development teams can only truly accelerate and innovate if security teams are also embracing automation and collaboration. Too often though, security teams cannot keep up with the unprecedented rate of change and are seen as a roadblock.

Bake Security In

By providing intelligent, declarative security as-code, we create harmony between development and security so businesses can achieve agility without compromising on security.

How it works?

Start with Pre-built Building Blocks

Our platform gives development teams complete freedom to choose any cloud feature or service, and gives security teams vetted, reusable & extensible building blocks to quickly design security.

Enforce Security within the CI/CD Pipeline

Our platform seamlessly integrates the security design into infra-as-code via the CI/CD pipeline so that developers don't have to worry about security.

Continuous & Dynamic Security

Our platform instantly detects any changes to the security design and enables immediate remediation through the development pipeline.


Secure and Compliant by-design

Modernize and automate security architecture processes to enable the business velocity, while still holistically addressing security.
Easily manage evolving solution architectures and compliance with increasingly prescriptive mandates.
Scale under-resourced security architecture teams to cover your entire application portfolio.


Our Leadership Team

Raj Datta

Founder, CEO

Aakash Shah

Founder, CTO

Om Vyas

Founder, CPO


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