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Ensure every cloud workload you’re developing is secure by design, as you’re coding.

IaC Security for Cloud Native Applications

oak9 automatically analyzes, remediates, and continuously monitors for security gaps in Infrastructure as Code security and cloud deployments as you code.

Identify Security Gaps Before They Hit the Pipeline

Demo: Using oak9 with Terraform Cloud
The power of integrating Terraform Cloud and using Run Tasks – oak9 embeds as just another step.

Demo: Using oak9 with IaC and AWS
Lambda connected to an API Gateway left vulnerable and fixed quickly and easily with oak9.

Get Instant Security Feedback as-Code

Security that ingests IaC when it changes. Anywhere in your development lifecycle. Receive architectural changes and easily translate them to IaC and vice versa.

Remediate Directly in Your Code Repository

Receive detailed code reviews for security gaps via pull requests. Understand the violation, the impact of fixing (or not), and exactly how to remediate. Never have to leave your code repository.

Decide How to Take Action

Use code review settings to customize your workflow. Want to do micro-commits and cherry pick from the PR? Only want the most critical gaps? Get PRs delivered exactly how you want them.

Visualize Your Entire Cloud Footprint

Drill down into your application with an interactive, real-time graph of your entire cloud architecture. Understand the interdependencies among resources and microservices across every workload.

Detect Drift Among Environments in a Single View

Detect drift from the start of designing your architecture through post-deployment. See security gaps associated with each stage of your development and quickly find differences to manage drift.

Just Another Step in Your Pipeline

Using serverless architectures? Kubernetes? Maybe you have shared services and infrastructure? oak9 fits into your entire CI/CD process and natively embeds into the gates you’ve already built.

Take the Terraform Security Test
Will you pass the test? See how secure your cloud infrastructure really is.

Take the Test

Developer-Loved Automation that Drives Security

  • Security as Code
  • IaC Translation Engine
  • Intelligent Remediation
  • IaC Agnostic
  • Architecture Lens
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • BYOL Programming
  • Multi-Cloud

What the oak9 Community is Saying

“A big factor that made it clear oak9 was a solution for Avant was the development team’s high praise for the platform.  This, coupled by oak9’s quick willingness to adopt changes to the product to meet our specific needs made for an easy decision.”

Chief Information Security Officer

Security has never been this easy. The power of oak9’s platform is in the blueprints and automation.”

Chief Technology Officer

“The oak9 platform is easy to use even for Developers / DevOps guys who lack knowledge in that area.”

Director of DevOps

“Imagine having a senior director of security review your engineers’ infrastructure changes every night to catch and resolve security design flaws. And then review every other corner of your infrastructure for regressions. All for less than the cost of a junior QA analyst. This is what oak9 gives us.”

Chief Technology Officer

Validate Your First Project in Under 5 Minutes

Step 01

Sign Up

Sign up for oak9 Community Edition, no credit card required.

Step 02


Select your security and compliance requirements.

Step 03


Decide how you want to integrate – through your cloud or CLI.

Public Repository

Test with TerraOak

Take oak9 for a test drive. TerraOak is a vulnerable Infrastructure as Code repository with deployable resource configurations for learning.

Build + Test

Focus on Deploying New Application Features

Reduce tech debt and stop having to rollback the software stack.

  • Reduce false-positives
  • Catch security gaps as early in your CI/CD
  • Stop managing cumbersome static policies
  • Build protection into your application design
  • Save 100’s of hours on DevOps related work

Reduce IaC Security Review Time by 70%

2.4 Million
Design Gaps Addressed

1 Billion
Resources Monitored

Security Review Time Reduced

Contribute to the Open-Source Community

Meet Tython, the first Security as Code framework and SDK for building security reference architectures and design patterns as code. Your programming language, your IaC, your clouds.