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Developer-Freedom for Cloud Native Security

We’re on a mission to make securing cloud native applications easier and faster for software development and security teams.

We Envision a World where Cloud Security is Easier.

Build what you want, when you want, with the tools you want, securely.

Security and development teams meaningfully collaborate to design Security as Code.

Shared security responsibility while working autonomously is the culture.

Transparency in security requirements creates DevOps velocity and agility.

Time-to-market and security risk management are not conflicting goals. 

Power Security at the Speed of Modern Development

oak9 embeds into developer workflows so that every change made to your cloud native application is secure. From code to cloud, from design to post-deployment.

What is oak9?

Leading Cloud Native Security

oak9 automatically finds, analyzes, and remediates security gaps as changes are made to your code and cloud.

oak9 is the only cloud-agnostic platform with a BYO language open-source Security as Code framework, multi-IaC support, and an architectural approach to cloud security.

Girl in a headset-2-blue
oak9 for DevOps
Build, test, and deploy secure-by-design cloud native workloads.
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oak9 for Developers
Commit secure code every time without ever leaving your toolsets.
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oak9 for Security
Scale cloud security across enterprise applications consistently.
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The oak9 Difference: Design and Infrastructure

Here at oak9, we focus on the core foundation to any cloud native application – its design and infrastructure.

Security Automation and Intelligence
Operate with velocity and agility with security transparency.
Architecture Over Configurations
Embed security feedback with context – the what, where, who, and why.
Developer-First Product Manifesto
Build the secure application you want with the tools you want.

Trailblazing Cloud Security

oak9 Values
You demonstrate that your work, your team, and the customer matter deeply
01 Passion
You keep moving forward
02 Action
You push yourself and the team to continuously learn and always do better
03 Drive
You do what you say you will and do it with integrity
04 Trust
You are ready to adapt
05 Flexibility

Trusted by Enterprises of All Sizes

Success Story

Avant Saves Hundreds of Thousands on DevOps and Security with oak9

"By building oak9 security into our development process, our DevOps team can deploy new applications and functionality faster and safer with fewer touch points for both teams."

Tython: First Open-Source Security as Code Framework

The first and only Security as Code framework for building security reference architectures and design patterns as-code, in your choice of programming language!

Available Where You Work

What's in the oak9 Name?

oak9 is a portmanteau. Google it, it’s good trivia. The term cloud 9 describes blissful happiness. Oak as in the tree. Oak trees are strong and resilient. They live long lives and grow to huge sizes with complex root and branch systems. oak9 keeps your cloud native applications secure-by-design so you can focus on growth and innovation.

Meet oak9's Founders

Om Vyas CEO

Om is a digital transformation innovator with a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Chicago.

Aakash Shah CTO

Aakash is a cybersecurity leader with a Masters in Information Security from Carnegie Mellon University.

oak9 Investors

What the oak9 Community Says

"A big factor that made it clear oak9 was a solution for Avant was the development team’s high praise for the platform.  This, coupled by oak’9s quick willingness to adopt changes to the product to meet our specific needs made for an easy decision."

Chief Information Security Officer

"Security has never been this easy. The power of oak9's platform is in the blueprints and automation."

Chief Technology Officer

"The oak9 platform is easy to use even for Developers / DevOps guys who lack knowledge in that area."

Director of DevOps

"Imagine having a senior director of security review your engineers' infrastructure changes every night to catch and resolve security design flaws. And then review every other corner of your infrastructure for regressions. All for less than the cost of a junior QA analyst. This is what oak9 gives us."

Chief Technology Officer

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