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oak9 Values
Who we are when no one's watching
You demonstrate that your work, your team, and the customer matter deeply
01 Passion
You keep moving forward
02 Action
You push yourself and the team to continuously learn and always do better
03 Drive
You do what you say you will and do it with integrity
04 Trust
You are ready to adapt
05 Flexibility
oak9 Culture
How that shows up everyday
Be net positive
Make those around you successful
Challenge and commit
Take pride in the product
Enjoy the journey!

Meet the oak9 Leadership Team

Their origin stories start around the globe. Together they are the oak9 founding team with unprecedented product, business, and security powers. They are dedicated to acts of derring-do in the name of powering security at the speed of modern development.

Aakash Shah
Om Vyas

oak9’s Investors

From the West Coast to our home base in Chicago, the oak9 network of investors and partners are passionate about the next steps for cloud native security.