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Cloud native security built into the development lifecycle so you can innovate faster. Use Security as Code to automatically secure every change to your cloud native application from Infrastructure as Code to Cloud

The Enterprise Cloud Native Security Platform

Embed real-time security into your cloud native architectures. Assess against oak9’s Security as Code blueprints, and address security gaps natively in developer workflows throughout the entire application lifecycle. Automatically. In real-time. 

Application Context Matters

The Only Architecture Focused Cloud Security Platform

Security as Code blueprints understand your application’s architecture and business context to provide tailored developer feedback. Avoid false-positives and get out of the business of managing static rules.

Developer-First, Architecture Focused

Get Deeper Visibility and Comprehensive Cloud Security

oak9 builds a detailed meta-model of your entire cloud environment. Comprehensively assess technical security requirements while making it easy for developers to remediate any security gaps. Solve for complex use cases and scale quickly.

Build + Test

Cloud Native Security from Infrastructure as Code to Cloud

Holistically assess cloud architecture from design to production

Secure Application Design

Validate reference architectures for security design gaps.

Security as Code 

Pre-built security blueprints and open-source framework and SDK.

Infrastructure as Code Security

Analyze and remediate Infrastructure as Code as its being written.

Supply Chain Security

Securely define and deploy all software delivering your application.

Secure Deployments

Commit secure and compliant code every time, directly in your CI/CD.

Drift Detection

Continuously monitor drift from intended architecture design.

Meet Tython: The First Security as Code Framework 

The first and only Security as Code framework for building security reference architectures and design patterns as-code, in your choice of programming language 

Deliver Security at Scale

Heterogeneous Architectures
Use your clouds, IaCs, and programming languages of choice for security across large heterogenous technology environments.

Avoid Management of Static Rules
Define security reference architectures as-code. Instead of static policies, validate and change architectural properties.

Start Left, then Shift Right
Start as left as possible in the design phase and seamlessly integrates across your software development lifecycle.

Trusted for the Most Complex Cloud Environments

Speed Software Development, Scale Security

Bridge software development and security and save hundreds of hours of work across DevOps and security teams. Scale security requirements across your cloud native applications while using your favorite and/or existing software development tools