COVID-19 has forced technology executives to rethink investments in cloud security.
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Built for Developers
Blessed by Security

The oak9 platform analyzes infrastructure-as-code and builds security into cloud native applications so they are secure and compliant by design

Integrates seamlessly into your CI/CD pipeline

Security-as-Code ​Blueprints​

  • Simplify application security with pre-built building blocks that support any architecture on any cloud provider

Automated ​Design Changes​

  • Quickly adapt to evolving requirements​ and push security design changes at-scale

Continuous​ Dynamic​ Monitoring​

  • Encode security to sync with modern application development and perform continuous risk assessments to manage drift

Comprehensive Security​​

  • Visualization across the application architecture, not just individual configurations

See what our customers have to say!

"With your platform we can deliver faster and have more confidence that it's secure... this is going to help me sleep at night!"
Chief Technology Officer
oak9 Customer
"I love how simple this is and how it fits directly into my existing workflow."
Application Developer
oak9 Customer
"You saved me hours of work and made it easy for me to see how my applications are meeting my compliance requirements.  This is fantastic!"
Security Architect
oak9 Customer

Platform Features

Integrate oak9 seamlessly into your CI/CD pipeline to intelligently analyze your infrastructure-as-code and bake security into your application

Easy-to-use Integrations

Choose from an array of integration options to seamlessly secure your cloud native applications

Visualize your security architecture

Visually depict your infrastructure-as-code and make security design changes with a simple drag-and-drop interface

Gain security visibility across your applications.

Receive alerts instantly as security relevant changes are made to your application

Integrated ​Across the SDLC​

Our platform is built into existing workflows starting in the Design Phase​

Infrastructure​-as-Code Security​

Security-as-code is integrated as part of DevOps with threat modeling as a first line of defense​

Easy-to-Use Visual Interface

We provide graphic interface to easily design & rapidly reflect changes​ with simple security surveys to establish requirements

Coverage ​Across Cloud Environments​

We provide a variety of integrations you can incorporate into your project

Selected Use Cases

Transforming Existing Production Applications

Transform the security posture of your existing production applications

Infra-As-Code Security Quality Checks

Get instant feedback on security gaps when writing infrastructure-as-code such as CloudFormation & Terraform

Coping With Too Many Changes

Keep up with the changes across your application portfolio

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